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The Ramatayim Men's Choir


The Ramatayim Men’s Choir, Jerusalem celebrated its 20th Anniversary during 2015-16. Over the years the choir now numbering 45 choristers, has performed over 250 times, singing a mix of Chazzanut, Chassidic and Israeli songs, opera and Broadway musicals, ethnic music and more. They have sung with some of the finest cantors in the world and with artists in other genres, as well as with symphony orchestras, including the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra IBA. Overseas tours have included acclaimed performances at the International Choral Eisteddfod in Llangollen, Wales, and the International Lewandowski Choral Festival in Berlin, Germany. 


All of the choir's activities are conducted on a voluntary basis. They appear regularly in support of Israeli and Jewish charitable causes, and have raised millions of Shekels for various charities.


Richard Shavei-Tzion

Richard Shavei-Tzion is a musical autodidact. Since age 18, he has directed choral ensembles in both South Africa and Israel. Richard has conducted High Holidays services for the past thirty-five years in Israel and overseas. He is often invited to lead communal events, singing and playing guitar and he composes and arranges Jewish music.

A published poet and writer and exhibited photographer, he is the author of "The
Prayer for the Preservation of the Environment," which has been read widely in synagogues around the world.


Aviva Stanislawski

Aviva Stanislawski has been the accompanist of the Ramatayim choir since its inception. She is an experienced music educator holding a doctorate in music education from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For over 35 years, she has been teaching music appreciation to a variety of audiences in Israel, ranging from school children to adults, as well as training music educators in university and teachers’ colleges.

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