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Simon Cohen

Simon grew up in London surrounded by cantorial and classical music. Today he is one of the leading international cantors both in concert and in Synagogue being invited to perform with the most prestigious orchestras to excite and warm the hearts of thousands. His voice has developed into a beautiful yet powerful, flexible lyric tenor voice with a brilliant and exciting tone, across a wide dynamic spectrum. 

Coming from such a rich musical background, his repertoire spans across the board, including performing in Italian, English, Hebrew, French and singing the traditional Cantorial classics, Opera, Israeli, Yiddish and even some Broadway!

צבי וייס.jpg
Tzvi Weiss


Tzvi Weiss was born in the United States while his father was working here as a chazzan.

Tzvi was a close student of the Chazzn Shalom Lantush and learnt at the Tel Aviv school of Chazzanut with Yitzchak Eshel z"l and Naftali Hershtik.

He has performed with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and was the chazan at the "Ahavat Torah" synagogue in Englewood, New Jersey. He recently released his first album "Ribono shel Olam" which received rave reviews.

Chazzan Weiss is considered a great promise in the world of chazzanut, with his own unique style.

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