Shai Abramson

Shai Abramson was born in Jerusalem and was exposed early on to the world of cantorial music. As a young teen, he participated in the choir of the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem (under the baton of conductor Elli Jaffe) during the High Holiday season. He gradually acquired more musical expertise, studying with the best teachers in Israel.

In 2008, Shai Abramson was appointed Chief Cantor of the Israel Defense Forces. Abramson serves as the representative cantor of the State of Israel and participates in this capacity in formal state occasions and ceremonies in Israel and abroad. Cantor Abramson performs with the most prominent cantors and musicians of our generation and participates in prayer services and in concerts throughout Israel and the world with a variety of musical ensembles.

By virtue of his warm voice, his impressive personality, and striking appearance, Shai, a lyric tenor, succeeds in emotionally connecting a variety of different communities (among them, groups who are not familiar with or who are distant from Jewish liturgy and cantorial music) to the world of Jewish tradition and music.​



If the name Akiva Turgeman still doesn't mean anything to you, it's time to catch up. With over two million views on YouTube for his newest song, he can easily pluck the title of this year's big hit. 

Akiva grew up in Dimona in a religious home that was filled with music (Piyutim from his father, classical music from his mother) and at the age of 13 he wrote his first song. There was never a doubt about his musical career. After attending the “Mizmor” music school, for the past seven years, he has performed with his original songs around the country, and was a member of Naor Carmi’s esteemed "HaLev ve’HaMaayan" composition of. His first album "Olamot" was released in 2017 to rave reviews, and was crowned by many as "the next great thing." His musical collaborations include Benya Barbie, Barry Sakharof, Yishai Ribo, Abraham Fried, Shuli Rand, Amir Dadon and more.

Akiva embodies in his music the connection between the religious and the secular and similar to Yishai Ribo manages to excite and connect with a cross-sector audience. He is soon to release his second album.